Rainbow Colored Sidewalks

Life has been a bit stressful lately. After a particularly bad week, I was ready for a morning at the farmers market and some quality time with myself. As I turned the corner into the farmers market, I happened upon this brightly painted wall in front of the Natural Mind Beauty & Beyond Salon. I love the way the rainbow colored paint spilled onto the sidewalk, and seeing the bright colors against the gray backdrop of the day, instantly filled me with new energy.



I’ve been keeping journals off and on for almost twenty years. I recently had the bright idea to revisit some of my past. It’s hilarious how the entries change from my mundane day to day happenings when I was in the sixth grade, to being boy crazy in middle school, to teen angst, and then to hopes and fears for the future as I leave for college. I only update once or twice a year now and never in the same place, but it has been kind of inspiring to see where I was, how I’ve grown, and who I still have yet to become.

This Will Be The Year

I learn willpower

I face my fears

I have an adventure

Pink Shock

I give myself manicures at home nearly every week. Having dark brown skin usually leads me to make conservative color choices like sheer pinks or dark browns and reds, but while I was at the drugstore yesterday, I just couldn’t resist picking up this shade called “Pink Shock” by Maybelline. It’s a bit much to use every week, but I think it will make a few appearances this summer.

From a Low Angle

As I predicted, I couldn’t keep up with Project 365…again. However, this month I decided to try the 30 Day Photo Challenge. There are various versions of this on the interweb, but I am pretty much sticking to this version. I like there are specific assignments with what to photograph. This was taken during one of my walks up Beachwood Canyon. It’s such a diverse area and I am discovering new things about the neighborhood every day.



As much as I love cold weather, rainy days, and bundling up in winter, there is something about spring that excites me. There are longer days, and the hope of something new. I also love spring produce and flowers. These tulips are brightening up my apartment this week. I picked up the yellow flowers from the farmers market and the pink flowers from the Flower Market in Downtown LA. I love the contrast of the bright flowers against my gray walls. Simple and gorgeous.


My new obsession. It’s helping me organize my inspiration for my new apartment.

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