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Autumn in Chicago

Fall has long been my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, changing leaves, and some of the best produce of the year. In Los Angeles, fall is typically one of the hottest times of the year, so I was thrilled when the oppressive heat we lived through this summer in Chicago turned into cooler temperatures, warm clothes, and actually being able to sleep under the covers instead of on top of them. The colors were just as stunning as I had imagined. Several weeks ago, my friend Matt and I made a day out of going to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to check out the changing leaves (photo set here). Just this past weekend, I ventured out into my own back yard of Lincoln Park to snap some of the colors before the leaves are completely gone. Without sounding too cheesy, I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with historic buildings framed by a stunning landscape. In between the parties, I am trying to take full advantage of discovering this awesome city that I live in.


From a Low Angle

As I predicted, I couldn’t keep up with Project 365…again. However, this month I decided to try the 30 Day Photo Challenge. There are various versions of this on the interweb, but I am pretty much sticking to this version. I like there are specific assignments with what to photograph. This was taken during one of my walks up Beachwood Canyon. It’s such a diverse area and I am discovering new things about the neighborhood every day.



Some times when I get home, I’m convinced I have absolutely nothing to eat. However, I’m never without eggs. I scrambled these with shredded cheese and served with some homemade salsa and tortilla chips. Super fast, delicious, and easy dinner for my party of one.


Sweet potato hash with a fried egg. I’m still laid up in bed, but managed to get out long enough to make this breakfast. So easy and so good. It helped me forget about my cabin fever for a few moments at least.


This Christmas I received gifts from Belize, Guatamela, and India. This little jewelry box is made of Belizian wood.


Last year I got through about 60 days of Project 365 before life took over and I didn’t have time to photograph every day.  Here’s hoping 2011 will be different. Happy New Year.